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Harbor Mountain Press

harbormtnlogo-100wHARBOR MOUNTAIN PRESS

Est. 2006

Peter Money, Director/Editor

From Poets & Writers: Some people possess a potent energy that serves them well in the grassroots world of independent publishing. One could easily say this about Peter Money, the publisher of the lesser-known Harbor Mountain Press in Brownsville, Vermont—well, actually the press was founded in Brownsville in 2006, and while its letterhead still uses that address, Harbor Mountain is now located a couple of towns away, in White River Junction, which is just the kind of detail that launches Money into a line of thought that can lead to, say, a fascinating fact about the town’s baker—”He used to work at the Plaza!”—or maybe the dimensions of the press’s office (thirteen by twenty-three feet). Harbor Mountain’s logo is another good conversation piece. Just a couple of brush marks depicting a mountain, right? Nothing, it seems, is quite so simple to Money, who says the logo was drawn in a sumi style and depicts nearby Mount Ascutney—the granite from which was used to make the columns of Columbia University’s Low Memorial Library in 1895. More than a Jeopardy! contestant with a penchant for literature, though, Money is a poet who studied with Allen Ginsberg and founded the literary magazines Writers’ Bloc and Lame Duck; he’s also written a number of poetry collections, including To dayMinutes only, a prose poem sequence with Arab poet Saadi Youssef, published in 2004 by Goats and Compasses Press. All of which—and much more—fuels the fire that heats Harbor Mountain Press, which aims to publish six poetry collections annually. . . . In addition to running the press, Money teaches at the Center for Cartoon Studies in White River Junction—the nation’s only two-year cartooning college, he is quick to explain—but it’s clear his real passion is the written word. And it’s on this point that Money is the most succinct. “Poetry is good food,” he says.

Harbor Mountain poets include Sinan Antoon; William Cirocco; Jan Clausen; Robert Farnsworth; Alice B. Fogel, Laura Davies Foley (1), Laura Davies Foley (2); Elena Georgiou; Norman MacAfee; Giuseppe Ungaretti, translated by Ann McGarrell, with the paintings of Margaret Lampe Kannenstine; Jay Mead; Ana Merino; David Miller; Robert Nichols; David Oliveira; Elizabeth Robinson; Mario Susko; and Sharon White.

Monkey Puzzle Press


Est. 2007

Nate Jordon, Creative Director

Monkey Puzzle Press is an independent trade publisher based out of Boulder, Colorado, publishing books from both emerging and established writers, and also publishing a biannual literary arts journal, Monkey Puzzle. The publishing philosophy of Monkey Puzzle Press is to give poets and writers unique, artistic collections of their work in bound form as a springboard to their futures, as well as enduring testaments to their writing careers. MPP appreciates daring writing that exhibits intelligence and creativity, socio-political-cultural awareness, and humor. For additional information, please visit

New York Writers Coalition


Est. 2001

Aaron Zimmerman, Founder and Executive Director

NYWC is one of the largest community writing organizations in the country, creating opportunities for formerly voiceless members of society to be heard through the art of writing. NYWC provides free, unique and powerful creative writing workshops throughout New York City for people from groups that have been historically deprived of voice in our society, including at-risk and disconnected youth, the homeless and formerly homeless, the incarcerated and formerly incarcerated, war veterans, people with disabilities, cancer and major illness, immigrants, seniors and others. Since emerging in 2002, NYWC has won awards from the Union Square Awards and Petra Foundation, and received program grants from local and national funders including, Time Warner, the Pinkerton Foundation, Independence Community Foundation, Hot Topic Foundation, the Kalliopeia Foundation, the NYC Department of Cultural Affairs, the NY State Council on the Arts and others. NYWC workshop participants have been featured on The New York Times Blog, WNYC’s Brian Lehrer Show, The Huffington Post, and NY1 Noticias in stories about NYWC.

The New York Writers Coalition believes:

  • Everyone is a writer, regardless of prior writing experience and formal education;
  • Through encouragement and support, people grow as writers and artists;
  • In the value of the uniqueness of every individual’s voice;
  • Each person’s experiences are a source of strength and power as a writer and an artist;
  • In creating and maintaining a non-judgmental, open and respectful community where everyone is encouraged to support and listen to each other and to take risks and grow as writers;
  • Each person, through writing, can shape and influence the lives of others; and
  • We can achieve social change by providing access and opportunity for all writers, regardless of race, ethnicity, class, age, gender, sexual orientation and physical ability.

Tarpaulin Sky Press


Est. 2002 (online mag) & 2006 (books & paper mag)

Christian Peet, Publisher/Editor

Tarpaulin Sky Press is a small press publisher of hybrid texts as well as poetry and prose, producing full-length books, chapbooks, trade paperbacks, hand-bound books, and a literary journal that appears in online and paper editions. In a Poets & Writers feature on new small presses, Tarpaulin Sky Press is described as “intrigued by work that doesn’t announce its genre,” and “happy to read texts that are distinctly un-poetic . . . indices, email, job descriptions, instruction manuals, etc.”; but, as a caveat, but also seek to publish “work in which experimentation with language and form is a means to an end, rather than an end unto itself; innovation alone doesn’t do much for us.” The press’s books have been described as “fresh, daring, creepy, and significant…. The opposite of boring….an ominous conflagration devouring the bland terrain of conventional realism” (Bookslut) and are-for a small press–rather widely reviewed, from After Ellen to HTML Giant, as well as Publishers Weekly, The Nation, Time Out New York, Library Journal, American Book Review, TriQuarterly, Bloomsbury Review, Rain Taxi, and Jacket. In November 2007, after thirteen online issues, Tarpaulin Sky Press published the first paper edition of its literary journal, Tarpaulin Sky. Since its creation, the journal has published over three hundred writers including Chris Abani, Brian Evenson, Matthea Harvey, Douglas A. Martin, Ethan Paquin, Eleni Sikelianos, Juliana Spahr, and John Yau, among others. Since 2006, the content of the online journal has been curated by guest editors including Rebecca Brown, Bhanu Kapil, and Selah Saterstrom. Tarpaulin Sky Press authors include Jenny Boully, Ana Božičević, Danielle Dutton, Johannes Göransson, Joshua Marie Wilkinson, Joyelle McSweeney, Joanna Ruocco, and Kim Gek Lin Short, among others.