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Julianna Spallholz is the author of The State of Kansas, from GenPop Books. Her short fiction and prose poetry has appeared in Caketrain, Denver Quarterly, NOÖ Weekly, Tarpaulin Sky, both print and audio issues of Gargoyle, and elsewhere.

Spallholz has collaborated her work with musicians, visual artists, a DJ, and a chef. She is currently an Associate Professor in English at Berkshire Community College and is at work on a second collection of short fictions.

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New Review of Julianna Spallholz’s The State Of Kansas

Amber Sparks at Vouched Books reviews Julianna Spallholz's fiction debut, The State Of Kansas (GenPop Books, 2012). Being fans of Sparks's own fiction, it's something of a double honor for all of us here at GenPop. "If Lydia Davis knew more people who hung out shirtless in small places and owned pitbulls instead of pedigreed cats, her stories might look at little like Julianna Spallholz’s," writes Sparks. "Lucky for us, we’ve already got Julianna Spallholz to write those stories."

Fiction: Julianna Spallholz

HOME We argued about what home is. I got the dictionary. I looked up home. I read the definitions out loud. One. The place where one resides. Two. A house. Three. A customary environment; habitat. Four. You rolled your eyes. Wait, I said. Four. A place of origin. Five. To [...]

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