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Fiction: Julianna Spallholz

HOME We argued about what home is. I got the dictionary. I looked up home. I read the definitions out loud. One. The place where one resides. Two. A house. Three. A customary environment; habitat. Four. You rolled your eyes. Wait, I said. Four. A place of origin. Five. To the [...]

Fiction: Alissa Nutting

from Unclean Jobs for Women and Girls   DANCING RAT I don’t know if I’m able to have children myself. Because we haven’t been able to conceive, my boyfriend calls our sex “free sex.” I’m not sure if he’s referring to the cost we save on contraceptives, the funds it takes [...]

Prose Poems: Carol Guess

from Rogue Agent Burlesque   GRAYLAND Cranberries stain boot soles blood red. Smell of scrub pine and salt. The road stops, starts again across the water. Because there’s no bridge here comes the thrill of forgetting. The light’s green, and holding, but what is it holding? No mistaking this coastline for [...]

Fiction: Elena Georgiou

from The Immigrant’s Refrigerator   HUMMUS Who would have believed that ground chickpeas with garlic, olive oil, and lemon juice, formed into a paste, would be welcomed by the British public, and end up on a shelf at Safeway? She certainly wouldn’t have. In fact, she was so unaccustomed to seeing [...]

Poems & Paintings: Joan Fiset & Noah Saterstrom

from How It Was with Scotland   down the road around the bend follow the white bird’s wings hoops & sticks & skips into dusk one bite from the roof carnival lights calliope one sugary shard from a windowpane Continue reading >>>

Poems: Michael Klein

from then, we were still living   2001 But wasn’t it always a scene in a movie to delay it in the world? The always movie? In America, we make movies before anything really happens. Continue reading >>>

Cross-genre text: Deborah Poe

selections from Hélène, a hybrid novella   In the northern darkness there is a fish and his name is K’un. The K’un is so huge I don’t know how many thousand li he measures. He changes and becomes a bird whose name is P’eng. The back of the P’eng measures I [...]

Poems: Karin Gottshall

Evelyn & Amelia at the Charity School   September That first night we all stood around in the courtyard, trying to remember how we’d gotten there. We all held identical brown suitcases. Continue reading >>>

Jamey Dunham’s The Bible of Lost Pets reviewed by Charles Freeland

Salt Publishing, 2009 Poetry, paperback, 96 pp ISBN 9781844715633 $14.95 At the school where I teach, the creative writing students, through close contact with Jamey Dunham’s work, have been for some time filling their prose poems with all manner of small animals doing cute and/or zany things. I hope this will [...]

Poems: Micah Robbins

from Crass Songs of Sand & Brine   draw of summer down the shore— funnel cake pops in black oil & the gasp of a vast sucking ocean weed clogged & full of pale jelly fish pulsing on the lip of the world where Pennsylvania girls sleep drunk in the sand [...]