At Epiphany Magazine, Nancy Hightower interviews Elena Georgiou, author of a new collection of short stories, The Immigrant’s Refrigerator (GenPop Books, 2018).

Hightower’s excellent introduction to the interview:

Given that the term “immigrant” is now so often malignantly deployed in political rhetoric, there is no better time to read Elena Georgiou’s collection The Immigrant’s Refrigerator, which explores boundaries—both physical and emotional—and how they shape individual’s identity and community (both adopted and home). Georgiou translates the experience of exile as her characters try to find love amid displacement or celebrate the intimacy of a shared meal against the backdrop of unspeakable violence. The Immigrant’s Refrigerator reminds us that “home” is in reality an unfixed, fluid state always being negotiated by the personal, political, cultural. Even more importantly, these stories help to erase the imaginary, destructive boundary of us and them.

Read the interview at Epiphany.

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