Joan Fiset & Noah Saterstrom have been collaborating on a text-image project, How It Was with Scotland . . .

Captain Noah Parker’s Ghost Ship sails through a deep night sky without a destination. In the crows nest perch two blond boys who scan the horizon in search of a country they want to name.

To pass the time they say what they would call it. “Scotland,” says the first. “That’s already a country,” says the second. “Then you say what to name it,” says the first. “I’m thinking,” says the second. After a long time he says, “When we see it we will know.” “That’s how it was with Scotland,” says the first.

. . . and we here at GenPop are thrilled to be the first to publish excerpts. Please check it out, in the newest installment of GenPop Magazine.

here light expands
on a path without breadcrumbs
in the sky no clouds–only the house
as it ascends
while she waves
then turns
toward a face
first glimpsed
when the search began

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