Nonfiction. Novel. 240 pp., Paperback
Forthcoming from GenPop Books & Tarpaulin Sky Press

Reconstructed from case files, Angela’s Story is a heartbreaking true-crime novel about the wrongful conviction of Jeremy Barney, who as a teenager was sentenced to twenty years in maximum-security prison for crimes that never actually occurred.

With illustrations by Noah Saterstrom.

Read excerpts from the novel at the website for Angela’s Story. Read more about the case at the website for Jeremy Barney.


Christian Peet is the author of Angela’s Story (forthcoming), a true-crime novel about the wrongful conviction of his teenage nephew, Jeremy Barney. Peet’s previous work includes a collection of “postcards” entitled Big American Trip (Shearsman Books) and the trans-genre chapbooks Pluto: Never Forget (Interbirth Books) and The Nines (Palm Press). More of his work may be found in the anthologies A Best Of Fence: The First Nine Years (Fence Books) and A Megaphone (Chain Arts), as well as in magazines online and in print, including Action Yes, Denver Quarterly, Drunken Boat, Fence, SleepingFish, and Trickhouse. Peet received a BA from Bennington College, a MFA from Goddard College, and has taught Literature and Creative Writing classes at Brooklyn College and Hunter College, CUNY. He is the founder and publisher of Tarpaulin Sky Press and blogs occasionally at his website, Supplicium.